Beautiful Breakfast

Sylvia's Boiled Egg Butter Soldiers Dukkah

Here’s a lovely idea for a beautiful breakfast. Simplicity at its best. No need for a recipe really. Just add sunshine and smiles and you will have a simply relaxing breakfast for a lazy Sunday morning or whenever you feel like it!

The egg cup was sent from Europe to my mother and father when I was born. That means it’s pretty old. Over the years it has developed a soft patina and it’s been kept well, just like me. 🙂 The very special antique spoon is designed based on the legendary and romantic Thousand Year Rose. The elegant floral platter is of European origin. And the embroidered tablecloth was handmade by my great grandmother.

Enjoy the autumn sunshine!


Soft boiled Mt Roland Free Range eggs
Thick cut slices Manu Bread or Sandy’s Sourdough bread
Tasmanian Butter Co. butter
Sylvia’s Kitchen Tasmania Handmade Dukkah (only available directly through my classes), or other fine ground spice and nut mix


  • Soft boil Mt Roland Free Range eggs. Place in lovely little egg cups on serving plates.
  • Toast thick cut slices of Manu Bread or Sandy’s Sourdough bread. Cut into little soldiers.
  • Spread soldiers with Tasmanian Butter Co. butter.
  • Slice open the top of the egg.
  • Dust the golden yolk with my authentic Handmade Egyptian Dukkah or other fine ground spice and nut mix.
  • Add sunshine and you have a simply beautiful breakfast.


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