Cooking Class Timetable

Autumn 2019

GF = Gluten Free    V = Vegetarian    LC = Low Carb    VG = Vegan
You receive a warm welcome. Hands-on affordable quality cooking experience. Comprehensive notes and recipe booklet.
Leisurely lunch of the delicious dishes cooked in class with complimentary matching wine.

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Sylvia's Kitchen Garden Thai Ingredients

Ideal casual entertaining for summer and autumn.


Thai Cooking – Fragrant Barbeque Menu (GF)

Enjoy an exotic Thai cooking experience and barbeque lunch! You will learn about Thai food, fundamental ingredients and cooking techniques. Learn how to prepare an easy authentic Thai marinade using turmeric and fresh herbs, rice flavoured with coconut and Kaffir lime leaf and a delicious Thai vegetable dish followed by a fresh and easy Thai dessert. All of which you can easily prepare at home with local ingredients. These dishes are not ‘hot and spicy’ they are fragrant and flavoursome. Share a generous lunch with your fellow food lovers of the delicious dishes cooked in class. Come and join us for a Thai food experience that will surely inspire you to cook Thai food more often!

$135 pp (all incl.)

“Good Morning Sylvia, It was such a pleasure to have the opportunity to have cooked alongside you. The food was amazing and I have been telling everyone about the food and cooking experience. Here are some photos of the yummy foods that we cooked with your guidance. Once again thank you and good luck with your future endeavors.” Kia and Cory

Hurry! ONLY 2 PLACES LEFT – Saturday 30th March – 10am to 3pm

Crostata di Marmellata

Excellent pastry without the fuss.


Pastry Sweet and Savoury – Back to Basics

Are your pastries too soggy, too crumbly, fall apart? Learn hands-on and master skills and techniques of excellent pastry cooking. Learn about different types of pastry. Get tips and tricks to make successful pastry baking a breeze. I will also share my personal recipe for a perfect no-blind-bake pastry. Prepare deliciously successful savoury and sweet tarts you can be proud of.  Enjoy a shared lunch of the delicious dishes cooked in class with complimentary matching wine.

$118 pp (all incl.)

“Sylvia’s passion, knowledge, expertise and professionalism is very impressive.” Beth Lauk

“Great learning environment, being taught by Sylvia who has a great wealth of knowledge and experience” Judith Brennan

ONLY 3 PLACES LEFT – Saturday 13th April – 10am to 3pm

Cooking fabulous fish dishes is easier than you think.


Fabulous Tasmanian Fish Menu (GF, LC)

Get your dose of essential Omega 3 and more from fabulous fish dishes. For those who love fish but want to perfect their cooking of this essential food for good health and well-being this class is for you. Gain confidence in preparing a variety of fresh Tasmanian fish in a number of deliciously inspiring restaurant quality dishes you can easily re-create at home. Learn valuable skills of successful fish cookery. What flavours go with what fish. How to cook creatively with fresh fish and still keep it simple. At lunch dine with your fellow food lovers on the fabulous fish dishes you created in class. Everyone will enjoy these fresh fish dishes using the wonderful produce from the sea which is so bountiful in this island state.

$135 pp (all incl.)

“Fantastic fish class! Very thorough. I achieved what I wanted and more. Inspiring and informative.” Patricia Quinn

“Sylvia’s enthusiasm for flavours is contagious!” Glenn Wilde

Hurry! ONLY 2 PLACES LEFT – Saturday 11th May – 10am to 3pm

Spanish Tapa Taster Platter - Delicious!

Culinary diversity for everyday dining and entertaining.


Spanish Tapa Sensational Menu 1 (GF, LC)

Discover the rich culinary diversity that is Spanish Tapa (often referred to as Tapas). In this introduction class you will learn about the culture and history of Tapa together with fundamental ingredients and cooking techniques. Learn how to incorporate Tapa into your everyday dining and entertaining with our authentic menu that takes you on a journey from the simplest Tapa through to more complex dishes. Share in the delicious dishes cooked in class. One of the first of Sylvia’s highly popular Adult Ed classes since 2007. Get a taste of this highly creative style of food that is quintessentially Spanish.

$145 pp (all incl.)

“Thanks Sylvia!  We are attempting to use our new skills this evening with some friends – wish us luck! …Our Tapas dinner was a success! We were especially pleased the tortilla turned out perfectly. Thanks so much!” Heather & Ally

“Sylvia is very enthusiastic about Tapas. Class well thought out and excellently presented. The food was wonderful which has inspired me to do some dishes at home. Answered all questions very thoroughly. Encouraged feedback. Made everyone feel welcome and put all at ease.” Wendy Bennett

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Knife Skills Workshop Chopping

So you can enjoy using a truly sharp knife we will also sharpen up to two knives at no extra charge.


Essential Knife Skills 1 – Back to Basics (GF, LC)

Good knife skills are a must! You cannot cook efficiently without good knife skills and they make cooking a breeze. In this fun class we will help you by sharing our professional experience and teaching you hands-on how to become an accomplished cook by just using a sharp knife and chopping board. We will chop, dice and slice our way through fresh produce to create delicious dishes to share on the day. Learn which knife to use for what task. How to hold and use a knife correctly. What to look for when buying a knife. How to keep them sharp. Ideal class for beginners, couples or anyone for that matter. Includes knife sharpening.

$118 pp (all incl.)

“Hi Sylvia, I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for a wonderful day. We learnt some great skills now all we need to do is practice, practice, practice. Cheers Linda & Peter”

“Thanks Sylvia – Saturday was great and I certainly intend to practice and improve my skills. Cheers, Tina”

“Since attending your Knife Skills Class we use the food processor less and less. It’s actually enjoyable preparing food now with a sharp knife and the chopping process is a pleasure. You have inspired us to get in the kitchen again. Thanks so much.” Niki and Rod Fulton

Hang on tight, date coming soon – For enquiries Contact Sylvia

Sylvia's Teriyaki Tofu Japanese Egg Roll

Easy, delicious and practical Japanese food for the home cook.


Japanese Contemporary Home Cooking –
Teriyaki Menu (GF, LC)

Learn to cook like a true Japanese with these delicious recipes that you can easily prepare for every day dining or impress your guests with Japanese style entertaining. Inspired by culinary study, travel and experiences this class will help you understand essential ingredients, different cooking styles and engage in practical skills to help you create easy and elegant authentic Japanese cuisine at home.

$135 pp (all incl.)

“I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the class on Friday. It was so relaxing and interesting and the food we prepared was delicious. It has inspired me to go and get some of the ingredients and do some Japanese cooking myself. Thank you for being so friendly, relaxed and competent in teaching us some of the skills – it was really wonderful. I enjoyed the company of the other students and it made it a fun thing to do.” Kaye Radcliff

Date TBA – Any enquiries Contact Sylvia

Sylvia's selection of Spices

Spice up your cooking skills.


Cooking with Spices 1 (Chinese) – Back to Basics (GF, LC)

Spice up your cooking with a fragrant spice filled Chinese cooking experience! Learn about spices used in Chinese cuisine and how to prepare your own spice mix from scratch. Master skills and techniques and cook a mouthwatering meal to share with spice mixes you prepared in class. Learn what to look for when buying spices and how to store them. For those who enjoy cooking with spices or want to learn more. Come and spice up your life!

$125 pp (all incl.)

Date coming soon – Any enquiries Contact Sylvia

Handmade Pasta on Sylvia's Chitarra

Special Handmade Pasta Menu

Indulge your senses in the beautiful tactile and sensory experience of making fresh pasta from Emilia Romagna that Sylvia has been making since she was a child. You will learn to prepare Tagliatelle and Fettuccine. Cook delicious sauces to accompany your freshly made pasta. Share a lovely lunch dining on the beautiful food you created. Learn about different types of fresh pasta and what to look for if you are considering purchasing a pasta machine, its care and maintenance. Even if you never make this pasta again, come along for a unique experience! Very popular class since 2009.

$125 pp (all incl.)

“Thank you again for a wonderful day! Not only did I learn so much from you, I also came away feeling like I’d been given a very special gift. Thank you for making me feel so welcome in your lovely home and for sharing something that means so much to you. I can’t wait to get myself a pasta machine so I can put it all into practice and share what I’ve learned with my family.” Stephanie Donnelly

Date coming soon – Any enquiries Contact Sylvia

Autumn Seasonal Menu

Cooking with the Seasons – Autumn (V)

Enjoy a great time learning to cook a sensational menu inspired by wonderfully fresh seasonal produce. Delight in learning beautiful versatile recipes using pumpkin, potatoes, mushrooms, Swiss chard, silverbeet, ricotta, fresh herbs and more. Prepare olive oil pastry to make Sylvia’s special ‘Torta di Verdure’ followed by various seasonal dishes to share at lunch. Popular class since 2009. Suitable for vegetarians, meat lovers and those wanting to get the best out of this season’s produce.

$125 pp (all incl.)

“Hi Sylvia, I just wanted to say thanks for the lovely day we all had on Saturday. I made the spinach pie (Torta di Verdure – I’m so not Italian!) last night, yum! The pumpkin dish I whipped up on Sunday to go with a roast and polished off the rest for lunch on Monday. Looking forward to our next class with you. Cheers, Alison Keable”

Date coming soon – Any enquiries Contact Sylvia


Moroccan Cooking – Tagine Menu 1 (GF, LC)

Be enchanted and experience the exotic flavours and aromas of this magical cuisine. You will learn essential preparation skills and cooking techniques to create a luscious Tagine of Lamb that you can easily re-create at home. Learn about the history and culture of Moroccan food. Receive practical advice on fundamental ingredients, cooking techniques and kitchen equipment. To complete our shared meal experience the simplicity of a fragrant Moroccan Milk Pudding. One of Sylvia’s most popular classes with Adult Ed since 2006. Come and indulge your senses!

$135 pp (all incl.)

“Thank you Sylvia for the Moroccan experience, culinary and culture. Sylvia’s Kitchen flyer is so accurately expressed, but one has to be present to appreciate, understand and enjoy the passion of your hands-on cooking classes.” Roger Steel

To find our more about this class Contact Sylvia

Ideal class for those who attended Knife Skills 1, beginners or anyone for that matter. Includes a meal for two to take home.


Knife Skills 2 – Boning – Back to Basics (GF, LC)

The next step in knife skills! In this fun class we will teach you hands-on how to master the skills of boning. Learn how to use a boning knife easily and effectively. You will de-bone and portion whole poultry so that at the end of the class you will feel confident enough to achieve this at home with ease. You will also learn how to prepare a variety of delicious dishes using different cuts. Share a lovely lunch on the day plus take home fresh meals you prepared in class. There will be no costly waste and you will have learnt valuable skills to last you a lifetime. Practical skills, economical advice, delicious flavours and great recipes! This class has formed part of Sylvia’s one-on-one cooking coaching since 2006.

$135 pp (all incl.)

Date TBA – Any enquiries Contact Sylvia


Sauces for Courses – Back to Basics (GF, LC)

In this practical class learn saucing skills and indispensable sauce recipes. You will learn to create sauces that are easily adapted to a wide range of dishes and prepare a variety of delicious meals that show the versatility of these sauces and dressings. Then sit down to a shared meal and enjoy the fruits of your labour. A great class for singles, couples, a group of friends or anyone who wants to turn a plain meal into something special!

$125 pp (all incl.)

“I had a terrific day learning to prepare sauces and delicious food with my friends and am remembering it with pleasure as I sort through the photos. What a wonderful lunch. Thanks for making it a great day.” Megan Russell

Date TBA – Any enquiries Contact Sylvia


Perfect Gourmet Pizzas

Enjoy a relaxed hands-on Pizza cooking experience with a difference! Cook pizzas like a real Italian. Then dine on your freshly prepared perfect pizzas. Learn about basic yeast cookery and how to prepare our easy pizza dough, which you can freeze and have ready for quick weekend pizza nights at home, using Sylvia’s special blend of Tasmanian Callington Mill flour. Make a variety of delicious fresh gourmet toppings, bake your pizzas on the pizza stone, then enjoy dining on the perfect pizzas you created with complimentary Italian wine. Sounds like fun? It is! No more take-away pizza. Buona!

$120 pp (all incl.)

“At Sylvia’s Kitchen cooking class making pizzas, I had a wonderful evening! Fine food, great company and excellent teacher! Can’t wait for my next class.” Sam Hanson

“Delicious, delicious, delicious! Excellent tips and detailed instructions which make recipes easy to follow. First class produce used. Divine flavours.” Julie Woodgate

Next Class Summer 2020!

Handmade Pasta Liguria

Treat yourself to a unique and fun experience. Men love this too.


Annual Summer Handmade Pasta from Liguria (V)

Enjoy a fun hands-on cooking experience! Learn how to make fresh handmade pasta in a beautiful tactile class featuring traditional Italian food from Liguria. Ligurian pasta is different to pasta from Emilia Romagna. This is the most sublime and silkiest pasta you will ever taste. Prepare artisan Pesto using a large mortar and pestle. Cook authentic mouth watering summer sauces to accompany your freshly made Ligurian pasta then share a traditional Italian lunch with complimentary matching wine. Ideal for couples or a group of friends. Handmade pasta is one of Sylvia’s specialty classes since 2009.

$125 pp (all incl.)

“We got so much out of the pasta making class and have made pasta for friends and family many times since. Our 10 year old grandson loves it so much he now has his own pasta machine and makes the pasta for his family. So, you’ve helped to start a new tradition in our family! Thank you for your wonderful tuition Sylvia!” Linda and Ian Ravenwood

Date TBA – Any enquiries Contact Sylvia

Italian Flatbreads CC 2015 Lunch on Deck

Italian Flatbreads and Flavours (V)

Enjoy a fun cooking experience! Learn hands-on how to prepare, bake, and of course, eat our delicious Italian flatbreads, Piadina and Crescenta, which became famous at our boutique country restaurant The Peacock Inn. You will learn skills and techniques in how to cook flavoursome fillings using fresh local Tasmanian produce and edibles from my kitchen garden. Share lunch of the delicious dishes you cooked in class and discover regional specialities from Emilia-Romagna. These flatbreads are ideal fun holiday, weekend or everyday food! Suitable for Vegetarians too.

$120 pp (all incl.)

“Far better than I expected! Especially the intimate family-feel of the day. Class notes and recipes are great. Informal engagement is excellent. I want to come to more classes!” Megan Russell

Date TBA – Any enquiries Contact Sylvia

Moroccan Couscous

Perfect Autumn and Winter cooking.


Moroccan Cooking – Seven Vegetable Spiced Couscous (GF, V)

Immerse yourself in a beautifully fragrant Moroccan cooking experience! Learn how to prepare Morocco’s famous Couscous dish from Fez. Master skills and techniques and cook a delicious Moroccan meal you can easily create at home. Learn about Moroccan flavours, ingredients and techniques. Revel in the delights of Moroccan cuisine and share the fruits of your labour in a sit-down lunch with a difference. Available as Gluten Free class using Quinoa – please advise at time of booking.

$120 pp (all incl.)

“I can now confidently prepare a Moroccan meal and mix and match for weeknights. The vegetable couscous dish is the best! Sylvia is very knowledgable, welcoming and friendly.” Andrea Hurst

Date TBA – Any enquiries Contact Sylvia

Pad Thai Wednesday Winner Dinner

Thai Cooking – Pad Thai Menu (GF)

Embrace one of Thailand’s national dishes! Enjoy a mouth watering cooking experience with a difference in this Thai Menu. Share the delicious dishes you cooked in class with complimentary refreshments. Master skills in cooking the perfect Pad Thai, Chicken Coconut and Galangal Soup and Thai stir-fried vegetables all of which you can recreate at home with ease. Learn about Thai ingredients, herbs and cooking techniques to perfect your skills. Be inspired by the irresistible aromas and flavours of Thailand, once again!

$135 pp (all incl.)

“It was a wonderful experience! I received a Gift Voucher and came along to Sylvia’s Pad Thai class. Learnt heaps of valuable information and how to cook Thai food at home. Sylvia is very knowledgeable and obviously has a passion for what she does.”  Sue Wilde

Private Class Options

Sylvia’s Cooking Class are available as an exclusive Private Class for a minimum two persons or couple at a small additional cost. Choose from any of the classes in the Cooking Class Timetable. Contact Sylvia for pricing and to book. Click here to find out what you can expect from your cooking experience with Sylvia.