Sylvia’s Philosophy

Sylvia’s simple philosophy is to TASTE, EXPERIMENT and ENJOY fresh seasonal regional food that is cooked simply yet beautifully.

She believes and teaches that the key to successful cooking is not found in the recipe, it is in learning the skills and techniques. She is passionately committed to teaching you life-long skills and providing creative culinary inspiration.

Sylvia believes we need to be mindful and take time to share and enjoy the food, the preparation of the food and the dining experience with family and friends – an ideology encouraged by the Slow Food movement and that of slower more mindful living – therefore making an emotional connection with the food and to each other. In so doing the hormone Oxytocin is released from the brain, which plays an important role in our social bonding.

She strongly believes you are what you eat* and that a diverse diet, culturally and nutritionally, with everything in moderation, and good quality fresh food coming from a natural organic or home-grown source, is an important investment in your physical and mental health and well-being.

Furthermore, with regular exercise, less stress, relaxation, a well-balanced diet using fresh ingredients and interesting flavours, a glass of wine and a few morsels of sweet indulgence, we can all get more out of life and enjoy it to the fullest!

* Quote by Ludwig Feuerbach, nineteenth-century German Philosopher