What’s for Dinner Tonight? Easy Hot Smoked Salmon Dish

Done! Easy Hot Smoked Salmon Dish

Yes, you can do this!  Create this simple dish in just 10 Easy Steps.
Don’t hurry the process. Take your time to shop, chop, and cook. Taking time to prepare a healthy delicious beautiful meal for you and your family is a very important part of the day. Very important part of life.  I can’t emphasise the health benefits enough.

I am NOT going to give you a recipe here. As a Cooking Coach, I am always encouraging you to cook and eat well. This is about you learning to create a dish using the basic skills you currently have. Local seasonal produce you can currently buy. Salad leaves and herbs you can buy or pick from your garden (or someone else’s). And a dessertspoonful of culinary creativity. If you need a hand don’t hesitate to Contact Me and I’ll help you get dinner on the plate in real time. And remember my motto …. Taste, Experiment and Enjoy!  Life is too short to do otherwise. 🙂


Step 1.   Buy a pack or two of 41 South Tasmania Salmon Fillets.
Step 2.   Peel, cut, boil potatoes till cooked. Drain and dry in saucepan.
Step 3.   Prepare a salad with fresh leaves and herbs to accompany dish. Chop soft herbs.
Step 4.   Blanch asparagus, broad beans and peas, add to potatoes.
Step 5.   Add herbs, knob butter, olive oil. Roughly smash them all together.
Step 6.   Stop. Happy Sigh. Breath. Have fun!
Step 7.   Open salmon pack. Easy!
Step 8.   Cut portions per person to 100g-125g.
Trust me it’s enough. Don’t over eat. Enjoy a flavourful experience.
Here comes the tasty bit.
Step 9.   Pan fry salmon to a dark brown colour all over, especially the skin.
What’s happening here is you’re creating a caramelised flavouring on the fish that’s quite delicious.
Step 10.  OK. Serve a dollop of the smash on to plates. Top with salmon.
Garnish with a local extra virgin olive oil and herbs.

Congratulations! You’ve created a masterpiece for culinary enjoyment. Wash it down with a glass of young local cool Riesling and you’re a star.

Till next time…Cheers!  Buon Appetito. Salud!  Guten Appetit. Bon appétit.

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