Breakfast Juice – Carrot Orange Apple and Ginger

Try my Brilliant Breakfast Juice recipe with carrot, apple, orange and ginger. I have been searching for the perfect juicer for years and after some considerable research I finally decided on sourcing a juicer attachment for my Magimix 4200! I was very keen to test it out on our favourite and healthy combination of flavours so the first juice I made with this fabulous attachment was this one. Made with Organic Tasmanian carrots and apples I add fresh pulp and sugar free orange juice then spice it up with ginger and add a refreshing acidic balance with lemon. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, carrots are splendid spleen food and good for digestion. Apples tone the blood and moisten the lungs. Oranges quench thirst, ease coughs and can treat a poor appetite. Ginger helps remove phlegm and is a remedy for a cold. Lemons help strengthen the liver, treat a cough and sore throat, freshen breath and kill bacteria in the mouth and intestines. So juicing is now part of my weekly cooking repertoire and this particular juice is a great pick me up Breakfast Juice. Try it! I hope you will like it.

The Chinese do not draw any distinction between food and medicine. Lin Yutang

INGREDIENTS   Makes approx. 2 litres  (weights are approx.)

700g-900g Organic Apples, not too sweet, sour or tart (Jonagold or similar)
650g Organic Carrots
250g Lemon (peeled and quartered)
150g-200g Ginger (soak ginger overnight for best juicing results)
250ml Pulp Free and Sugar Free Orange Juice (not reconstituted!)


Try juicing some beetroot into this combination. Beetroot is good for the heart, clears and tones the liver and has a calming effect.

Experiment with different flavour combinations and enjoy making your own fresh fruit juice at home.


Wash, core (not that necessary, but I do it) and cut the apples into pieces to fit into juice feeder.

Scrub the carrots clean and cut in half lengthwise to fit into juice feeder.

Peel and quarter lemons. Set aside.

Scrub or peel ginger, cut into pieces. Set aside.

Have an empty orange juice bottle at the ready with funnel to fill with ready-made juice.

Extract the juice from the apples and carrots. Add to bottle. Keep aside residue/pulp for compost – the worms love it!

Juice the ginger and lemons separately. Add to bottle. Do not add to compost – the worms don’t love it!

Top up extracted juice with the orange juice.

Taste and adjust as necessary. Your fresh fruit juice is made!

This juice has a great refreshing taste and a slight ginger kick and lemon zing to get you started in the morning! 🙂

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