Best Way To Truly Appreciate a Truffle

Sylvia's Tamar Valley Truffle Taster

This is the best way to appreciate a Tasmanian truffle.

It is Winter. This also means it is Truffle time! This is the season to relish and savour a special winter indulgence. One of my most enjoyable culinary delights is creating new dishes with Black Périgord Truffles from Tamar Valley Truffles. Tasting a freshly dug truffle is a sublimely unique experience. Below I have described the best way to truly appreciate the fresh earthy fragrance and flavour of a truffle. I hope you will try it and experience this luxurious delicacy. It is imperative that this dish be served absolutely fresh! It cannot be prepared in advance as the aroma and flavour of the truffle will dissipate quickly and you will miss out on a most exquisite experience. Treat yourself to a Truffle. You only live once!  Sylvia x

Sylvia hosted the opening of the Truffle Season with Tamar Valley Truffles at Launceston’s Harvest Market on Saturday 28th June 2012. What joy!

Slices of fresh baguette *
Slices of cool butter
Slices of truffle at room temperature
Salt flakes

* Psst … Learn to bake your own fresh French Baguettes – Click here


  • Place sliced baguette onto a serving platter.
  • Top each piece of baguette with a slice of cool butter.
  • Top each piece of butter with a slice (not shaving!) of truffle.
  • Sprinkle with a touch of salt flakes.


  • First smell the aroma of the truffle.
  • Then bite into the baguette and take your time to allow the flavours to combine on your palate.
  • The butter carries the flavour of the truffle. The salt accentuates the earthy rich taste. The bread is the vehicle for all this wonder.
  • Serve with a glass of soft elegant Tasmanian Pinot Noir or Tasmanian Sparkling Brut (Chardonnay Pinot Noir) or Blanc de Blanc Sparkling wine. Enjoy! Sylvia x

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