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Last Updated: April 2024


Please frequently check this page as it is regularly updated.

Although we look forward to welcoming you to our cooking classes, please read the following as we still take the threat of contracting COVID-19 seriously and RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) or Influenza seriously. Our aim is to provide a healthy and safe environment for everyone.

Regardless of your previous experience of COVID-19, RSV or Influenza and/or your approach to dealing with it, we greatly appreciate your understanding of our continuing high level of concern to avoid infection to ourselves, our family, young, our elderly-immune compromised family members and other class participants. Please take a test before attending the class and/or come fully confident that you are not carrying COVID-19, RSV or Influenza to the class. Thank you for helping us all to stay safe and healthy.

PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND THE COOKING CLASS if in the 12 days prior to the class you want to attend:  you have been unwell, been a close contact of a COVID-19, RSV or Influenza case, or believe you have been in contact with someone with COVID-19, RSV or Influenza and/or are waiting COVID-19, RSV or other test results. 

To ensure a healthy and safe environment is maintained in our cooking classes:
–  Please do not attend the cooking class if you have any cold or flu-like symptoms, no matter how minor or trivial, as detailed in the Symptoms Checklist below. If you do have any symptoms contact us immediately (by text/SMS or email) to cancel your attendance in the class. Please do not attend a cooking class until you return a negative COVID-19 or RSV test result and no longer have any symptoms.
–  Face masks are encouraged. You might be asked to wear a face mask when indoors in unventilated crowded areas and/or during the class. Please bring at least two face masks. We have face masks available at an additional cost. 
–  We are limiting the number of students/guests in each class and our pricing reflects this.
–  Each student/guest will be asked to wash/sanitise their hands on arrival (as per our usual practice) and to do this regularly throughout the cooking process and class and before dining. As tempting as it may be, please, no double dipping and no licking of fingers whilst preparing the food in class. 🙂
–  We ask all students/guests to please be mindful of the current social distancing where practical during their cooking class and meal and for the health and safety of all students/guests, our family, and the future of this small cooking school and business.

Thank you.

Stay informed about the COVID-19 Pandemic and RSV by checking the websites below for updates and advice:


Face masks, along with other COVID-safe behaviours, remain an important way to help reduce the risk of COVID-19, RSV or Influenza. Face masks help protect you and the people around you from the spread of COVID-19, RSV or any other viral disease.

Wearing a face mask indoors is recommended especially where physical distancing is not possible and when in unventilated areas. Face masks help protect yourself and others from COVID-19, RSV or other viruses.

Mask wearing advice and resources to help you:


Please advise us as soon as possible (by text/SMS or email) if you are unwell. You will be given a Full Refund, or if you prefer, a six month credit. Bookings with Gift Vouchers will not be refunded as they have an expiry of three years. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us. Thank you for your co-operation. 

Important Notice regarding Group Bookings: If booking a small group or individuals from different households, we require all participants to book separately and individually and include a mobile phone number for sending updates and COVID-19 information. Thank you for your co-operation.

COVID-19, RSV, Influenza Symptoms Checklist: 
–  fever
–  flu-like symptoms
–  coughing
–  sore throat
–  runny nose

–  wheezing
–  fatigue
–  shortness of breath
–  loss of taste
–  loss of smell
–  muscle pain
–  joint pain
–  continual headache
–  ear ache
–  diarrhoea
–  nausea/vomiting
–  loss of appetite and,
and as per information on the Department of Health website https://www.health.gov.au/health-topics/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov,

Booking and Payment  Once we receive your booking you will be sent a Cooking Class Booking and Payment Details email and Invoice. Payment is by Direct Bank Deposit (EFT).

To confirm your booking in a cooking class full payment is required at time of booking.  Bookings are not secured/confirmed until payment is received. If we do not receive your payment at time of booking, your booking and place(s) in the class will not be held or secured.

Cancellation Policy  We are a small cooking school and micro-business that holds classes in very small groups. This is wonderful for participating students as each person receives extra personalised attention to detail and the class is not rushed. Therefore, if you cancel your booking it can have a very big impact on our classes and business. 

If you choose not to attend your class, please advise us 7 days prior to the date of the class. This will hopefully allow us time to fill your place(s) in the class.

  • You can send another person(s) in your place, or
  • You can change to another class on another date, or
  • Receive a credit to attend another class in the future.

If you wish to defer your class to attend a Private Class there might be a surcharge depending on the number of participants.

We reserve the right to cancel any class if there are insufficient enrollments in which case we will happily transfer you to another available class of the same value and of your choosing. If the value is higher the extra amount will need to be paid in advance.

The prices we charge are listed on this website and in the Cooking Class Timetable. We reserve the right to change our prices for classes and products at any time and to correct any pricing errors that might inadvertently occur. 

If you have any questions please contact Sylvia at Sylvia’s Kitchen Tasmania at eat@sylviaskitchen.com.au or 0407 290 766.

Gift Vouchers: Gift Vouchers for cooking classes are issued online. Recipients are emailed the Gift Voucher with message and a Voucher Code in printable PDF format. You can nominate to have the Gift Voucher emailed to yourself to give to the recipient or emailed directly to the recipient.

Treat Gift Vouchers like cash. Gift Vouchers have an expiry period of three years from date of issue. Gift Vouchers that have expired cannot be redeemed. Each Gift Voucher has a unique Voucher Code and is redeemable online for a cooking class of the recipient’s choice from the seasonal Cooking Class Timetable.

Gift Vouchers cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash or payments of credit and no change will be given. Gift Vouchers cannot be used to purchase Gift Vouchers.

Booking for a class needs to be completed whilst the Gift Voucher is valid, but class can be attended after the expiry date.

Ensure the Voucher Code is recorded in a safe place as it will be needed to enter when booking online. Keep Gift Vouchers in a safe place, they cannot be replaced or refunded if lost or stolen.

To redeem a Gift Voucher recipient’s can choose a class from the Cooking Class Timetable. Record the unique Voucher Code when completing the Booking Form for classes.

Note: If a Gift Voucher has been issued for a class credit, it will have three months validity.

Cooking Class Participants/Students and Class Room Etiquette Cooking classes are designed for teenagers and adults alike and cater to all levels of cooking ability and skill. From beginners to advanced. Full paying teenagers under the age of 18 years are to be accompanied by a full paying adult. Classes are held in our home and private kitchen where many students over many years have enjoyed the cooking and dining experience. You are also welcome to stroll in our garden and take inspiration from our design and plantings. We ask that you respect this.

Limitation of Liability I/We hereby indemnify Sylvia’s Kitchen Tasmania and Sylvia Devlin against any responsibility for accident, loss or injury suffered by me/us during the course of the cooking class and I/we have advised Sylvia’s Kitchen Tasmania of any food allergies.

Sylvia’s Kitchen Tasmania does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to your personal belongings, goods or other personal items before, during or after a cooking class. Cooking Class participants are financially responsible for any damage or loss sustained to Sylvia’s Kitchen Tasmania, equipment and personal property during the course of a cooking class.

Sylvia’s Kitchen Tasmania reserves the right to decline or accept any person whose actions, behaviour or other condition including contagious illness, hinders the quality of the class and effects the rights, health, safety, welfare and/or enjoyment of other participants. In this case no refunds will be given.

Sylvia’s Kitchen Tasmania will take photographs and/or video recordings of any class for promotional or commercial use to use on this website or social media. Please advise if you do not wish to participate or be included in a photograph or video.

Payment of the Class Fee represents your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Disclaimer Sylvia’s Kitchen Tasmania makes every attempt to ensure that information on this website is current and accurate. If you require clarification or are unsure about the information contained on this website please feel free to contact Sylvia’s Kitchen Tasmania at eat@sylviaskitchen.com.au or 0407 290 766.

Privacy We take your privacy seriously and we endeavour to keep your personal information secure. You can be assured that your personal details will not be disseminated to any third party and will only be used for the purpose of processing a booking, other purchases, communicating with you and for any other specific purpose you have requested. We will not use any information you have declared to us in your booking other than for the purposes it was collected. No electronic or hard copies of proof of vaccination will be held or maintained unless changes are mandated by government/health authorities. If you have any further questions regarding your privacy, please do not hesitate to contact Sylvia’s Kitchen Tasmania at eat@sylviaskitchen.com.au or 0407 290 766.

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